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Mojo Money Manifesting

Would you like to have amazing rock-solid money mojo?? 

Do you feel like your money is like a flaky friend that comes and goes... isn't reliable... shows up now and then and disappears a bit too often?? 

The good news is that you can create a healthy relationship with your money so that it is as loyal as a Golden Retriever and as reliable as a Rolex!

This programs explores old $ BS... bringing your energetic and physical aspects of money into balance.  

The program includes:

  • 8 live group sessions (recorded)
  • 4 private coaching sessions (get laser on your goals)
  • Clearing using EFT (tapping)
  • extra support as needed

The next Mojo Money Manifesting starts January 2021.  Pop me a message or book a call with me to chat about if this is a good fit for you.

Living a Fulfilled Life in a Hectic World

If you want to create a sundae that would send Jillian Michael's head into a tailspin you need some tools: bowls, spoon 

a​nd Made by Marcus Chunky Monkey ice cream!

lf you want to create a purposeful fulfilled life.. you need tools and direction.  In these sessions I will guide you to:
  • determine your passions
  • get clear on your purpose
  • learn effective goal setting
  • create an inspiring vision board

Do you feel consumed by life?  

Are you living on a big fat hamster wheel?  

Or scary roller coaster that runs a continuous loop?  

You wonder if there is more to life but can't slow down long enough to figure it out... 

or have no idea where to start? 

Maybe you are considering a career change... or aren't sure how to leap into the career you'd love 

Join us for a safe fun space to get clear.  

You've got nothing to lose but stress and anxiety!

This 4 session workshop will give you tools to live a freakin' fantastic life!

Workbook, snacks and vision board material included.

Limited seats

Next sess​ion to be announced when we are safe to gather together again...