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Give to someone you love that you would love to know their stories.  And get one for yourself and leave it for your children, grandchildren and all the great grandchildren to come in future generations.  Think about how fun it will be for others to read this long after the person is gone who has told their stories... left a little pieces of themselves behind to share.

PatchWorks Book


Snippets of My Life

In the book are questions and promptings to reflect on and write ab​out the early years.

Our lives are like a quilt... little pieces that all come together to become something​ unique and beautiful. And like a quilt our life stories are meant to be shared and passed down.

There are 234 pages with questions and promptings to write about snippets of life... 

things like:

Where and when were you born?

Did one of yo​ur siblings ever get you in trouble?

Tell about someone who had a big influence on your life.

What food did you learn to cook or prepare first? Who taught you?

Did you love or hate school?

Above are four sample pages...

Don't be freaked out by how much work this could be!  

Some of the pages may have one word as the answer... 

others may have a paragraph or two. 

 This is to have fun with and allow memories to pop up.  

Are you tired of talking to your Dad about the weather???  Grab a book and ask him a question every time you chat on the phone.  Write the answers for others to read later.

How this book came to be...

One day my Mom and I were having dinner after we had been out looking at options of places for her to rent.  She says "I haven't rented since Donnie (her brother) and I rented a house for $25 a month.  By the time we were finished our meal I had learned about an entire chapter of her life that previous to our appetizers i knew nothing about!  When I asked her why I hadn't heard about any of this... her reply was "Because you didn't ask!"  She was right.  I hadn't asked her about parts of her life. I wondered for several years what else I didn't know... all of this inspired me to create this book for her.  It's another story how it's come to be that I have sold and shared hundreds of copies... 

Oh.  And this isn't a picture of my Mom.  She would snuff me out if I put a picture of her on the internet!  I thought this lovely lady looked like she has a few stories to share...