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"When you are clear what you want will show up in your life... but only to the extent that you are clear."

Janey Bray Attwood

Would you like to live in a world where living your passions are primary and joy and fulfillment are an everyday experience? 

Passions come from your heart and are clues to your personal destiny. Who would you be if you lived your life from a place of passion and purpose?

Imagine a life where you are motivated and inspired to choose in favor of your passions. Living your life where everything that you care about is happening right before your eyes. And, fast forwarding to your dreams is a reality.

In the Living Passionately Workshop, you will discover those things that matter most to you. 

The Passion Test is a simple and profound process which helps you to gain clarity about your own personal passions and purpose. Discovering what makes your heart beat is the beginning of living a passionate purpose-filled life.

Living Fulfilled in a Hectic World Workshop Series

A brief breakdown of the sessions in a Living Passionately Workshop:

Session #1: You will begin to get clear what your passions are, what's important to you, what lights you up, what fulfills you
Session #2: We will continue to build upon the first conversation and you will set markers/goals that will confirm if you're moving forward in a way that is aligned with your passions. Also an introduction to EFT to assist clearing any blocks in the way
Session #3: You will build a vision boards/book to support your passions

Go to the Program tab to check upcoming dates, if there aren't any listed please contact me.