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A little about me...

There was a time when I was as comfortable​ in steel toed boots as in high heels... now I prefer flip flops 

I read voraciously... great books, trashy novels, magazines... cereal boxes not so much anymore

I am passionate about eliminating peanuts from all food (extremely allergic).  

Oh and cilantro too (not allergic... not my favourite).

For awhile I wanted to marry BonJovi... so I could be Bon BonJovi, I gave up on that.  

Now I'm a future back up singer for Lady Gaga

I've walked on hot coals and broken glass on purpose.  And Lego!  Not on purpose...

One of my loves is hearing from people like you...

And a few of my favourite things….




Polar Bears

Glass of red wine




Warm air on my skin

Paper – even better when words printed on it and bound into a book!!

Did I mention dogs...?

This is my assistant, great friend and fur buddy. Her name is Daisy and she sends a big "high five" for stopping by to meet us!

And this is me...